Caregivers and teachers need to know what to do when a child is injured or becomes suddenly and severely ill. Most injuries that require first aid are not life-threatening. Usually, first aid involves simple, common sense procedures. However, first aid can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. All caregivers and teachers should have pediatric first aid training. The PedFACTS course is designed to give caregivers and teachers the education and confidence that they need to effectively care for children.
Who Should Take PedFACTS?
Any teacher who works with children. Any caregiver who works with children. Parents.
Successful Course Completion
To earn an American Academy of Pediatrics PedFACTS Course Completion Card, participants must:
  • Successfully complete the First Aid for a Blocked Airway and Rescue Breathing Skill Station
  • Correctly answer 80% of the questions on the PedFACTS Written Knowledge Evaluation
  • Complete the written Course Evaluation Form
Please contact Central Ohio Safety for more information and to schedule a PedFACTS class for yourself or organization.