Student Comments

We want you to learn CPR in a stress free environment. To successfully learn, we make the class fun and also informative using hands-on practice and video demonstrations. Below are some comments we have received on the end-of-course evaluation:

What did you like most about this training?
  • Presented the information in an easy to understand manner.
  • It was easy to understand and was made interesting.
  • The instructor was really easy to understand and learn from, very informative.
  • Everything was wonderful!!
  • Direct and informative.
  • The enthusiasm of the instructor.
  • The instructor made it fun and easy to learn.
  • The instructor is very entertaining and kept our attention.
  • The instructor was entertaining...held my attention and he was knowledgeable. The environment is very friendly, and inviting. Very good experience.
  • Clear, concise, informative.
  • The instructor was very relaxed and made me feel comfortable. A fun learning environment is the best learning environment.
  • I enjoyed the class a lot.